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Recognized leader in transforming people and ideas into solutions that matter. Empower customers, teammates, and friends alike with our collective consulting talents to achieve extraordinary things, beyond what is ordinary and predictable. OMNI provides the full spectrum of Integrated Program Management services, financial management services, operations support, process improvement and internal controls standardization, and guides small and large companies into new markets and growth opportunities.
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and what we stand for

In 2011, a group of friends decided to take a leap of faith, leave their corporate jobs, and combine their expertise and passions to create a truly unique workplace where employees share a sense of ownership, accomplishment, and family.

The result is OMNI, a team of omniscient professionals offering specialized “cradle to grave” program management and acquisition support across various industries and lines of business.

As an emerging small business, putting “people first” has always been and will continue to be the cornerstone of OMNI.

We know relationships are what create opportunities and ensure success for both our company and our ever-expanding community of employees and clients.

As an OMNI employee, you can be assured of extensive growth opportunities, inordinately competitive salary compensation packages (with benefits), and the unparalleled support of the OMNI family.


Recognized leader in transforming people and ideas into solutions that matter.


Empower customers, teammates, and friends alike with our collective consulting talents to achieve extraordinary things, beyond what is ordinary and predictable.




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  • Financial Management

  • Our industry-leading government financial management services empower OMNI’s mission partners to achieve financial objectives, goals, and priorities.  OMNI’s financial management consultants are experts in planning, programming, decision support-focused budget execution, cost analysis, and FIAR compliant tracking.  Our seamless mission partner teaming approach ensures proactive funds justification and execution to maximize our partners’ critical mission requirements.

    • Strategic Planning
    • Program Objective Memorandum (POM) Support / Digital POM Tool
    • Program Monitoring
    • Cost Analysis Support
    • Earned Value Management
    • Budget Execution
    • Financial Process Improvement
      • OMNI offers services aimed at employing a standardized approach to harmonize processes across the business, optimize process cycle time, and eliminate non-value-added activities.
    • Financial improvement and Audit Remediation (FIAR)
      • Comprehensively evaluate current state internal control processes, identify opportunities for improvements, customize solutions that drive measurable results, and develop training solutions to support change implementation.

  • Project Management

  • OMNI’s proven Integrated Program Management services help plan and implement successful execution strategies for complex programs. Deliver capabilities and outcomes efficiently and effectively with maximum benefit.

    • Portfolio Architecture
      • Integrating long-term vision of requirements with funding and cross-enterprise efforts to ensure alignment and realization of customer goals at the Portfolio level.
    • Systems Acquisition Engineering & Execution
      • Systems Engineering, acquisition strategy planning, and acquisition execution for major defense programs using the Adaptive Acquisition Framework.
    • Program Planning
      • Creating long-term program schedules and portfolio master schedules, aligning schedules with top-level budgets, and ensuring constant synchronization of customer efforts with contractor activities.

  • Operations Management

  • Providing the full spectrum of business operations support as compliance-based consultants assessing strategies and procedures to enhance organizational performance. We provide resources and expertise to optimize business productivity.

    • Manpower
    • Civilian and Military Personnel
    • Business Operations
    • Training
    • Process Improvement
    • Lean Six Sigma
    • Organizational Change Management
    • Personnel Security
    • Counterintelligence/Direct Threat/CyberSecurity
      • Our international, domestic, and trans-regional experience in crisis management helps us specialize in productive operations. Along with a complete understanding of policies, our strategic development focus is designed to address crisis management, minimize risk, and continue operations uniquely tailored to your specific demands and industry needs. Click here to read more.
    • Strategic Communications

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Below is our portfolio overview which includes a diverse mix of government program support, commercial projects, and unique customer solutions. This is not an all inclusive list as our portfolio continues to grow. Please click into each for more details on the work we do.


Job Postings

Check out our current openings. If you do not see something of interest, please check back for more updates, apply in general, or feel free to contact us for more information.