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OMNI Consulting Solutions is the proud parent to a new member of the family!

We are ecstatic to announce that OMNI Consulting Solutions, LLC headquartered in El Segundo, California has acquired HPC-COM. HPC-COM adds proven commercial software to OMNI’s growing portfolio of people, products, and solutions.




The acquisition includes HPC’s Vission-X software which allows OMNI’s clients to conduct federally compliant source selections and complements its existing acquisition support services securely and remotely. Both the Department of Defense and Air Force currently use the Vission-X software to manage its Small Business Innovation Research and Rapid Innovation Fund programs.


We see a significant client need to adapt to a remote workforce because of COVID-19 while maintaining the integrity and compliance of procurements. The Vission-X software does exactly that by establishing and maintaining federally compliant controls to protect contractor proprietary information, allocate evaluator assignments and mitigate risks associated with procurement officer notifications.


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